PVC Fencing Warehouse’s Semi-Private Fence is an indigenous factory invented idea that has been liked by the customers. These are a combination of the good aspects of a privacy fence and a picket fence. In these fences, the partial and major area is a solid packed fence just like Privacy Fence. The upper part is similar in concept to a Picket Fence, with small columns of wood placed at some gaps. This arrangement serves the dual purpose of providing rock-solid security to the boundary meanwhile keeping an accessible open area for privacy effectiveness.

Semi-private fence panels have a benchmark standard of thickness in wood columns and routine orders are provided with a height of 1 m. The same rectangular design could also be tapered from the top and given a scalloped look to make it aesthetically pleasing as well. Being a wholesale PVC Fencing supplier, we also provide the option to add Post Caps in multiple variants as per the user’s requirements.

Available in 1.8m high and 2.0m high

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Our PVC privacy picket top fence is a fence that makes a statement and gets everyone talking.  Every fence in this profile always gets referrals due to its great looks.  Be the envy of your neighbors with a great fence and a 30-year product warranty that will look great for years to come and requires very little maintenance. 

Choice of Post Cap to match your style or house

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Standard Size gate available are 1m (pedestrain), 1.2m and 1.5m driveway gates.  Other sizes are made to order

PVC Fencing Warehouse also brings the matching swing gates in semi-private fence style to the inventory. It helps the user to check the visitor without having to open the gate. With the best PVC fencing in Australia, we have two variants which are 1.2 m and 1.5 m as per the requirements for the property.


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Custom sliding Gates are made to order in house to fit your requirements.  Remote control auto gates can also be fitted.

PVC Fencing Warehouse’s matching sliding gates are yet another essential and trendy addition to the housing. These gates are custom-tailored to fit the house’s dimensions with the ability to also control them remotely, offering more security and comfort to the owner of the property.


Fence Style
Privacy Picket 1.8m
Top rail Height
Actual panel height
182 cm
Mid Rail Height
Actual Panel width
239 cm
Bottom Rail Height
Thickness of PVC infills
Bottom Rail Width
Aluminium Insert in bottom rail
Weight of 1 panel
Top Picket size
38mm x 400mm
Post size
125 x125mm


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