Beautify your home, Hamptons style

One of the most popular styles inside and out for Australian homes is Hamptons. This blending of crisp whites, cool blues and casual beach vibes combine perfectly for a sophisticated, modern look. Here at The PVC Fencing Warehouse, we’ve got some amazing Hamptons style PVC fencing, giving you a terrific on-trend look without the cost, hassle or deterioration you get with timber.

From your front yard to your entertaining areas, this PVC Hamptons fencing is a great way to modernise your home and maintain a crisp, cool feel all year round. With three different styles to choose from, you’ll love this modern take on a timeless classic.

A classic Hamptons PICKET FENCE look in durable PVC

When it comes to PVC fencing in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, we know what looks great. This is exactly why we’re so excited to share our range of Hamptons style PVC fencing. Hamptons is a timeless look that combines everything that never goes out of style. So, if you want extra privacy at the front of your home, a decorative look to enhance the home’s curb appeal, or something crisp and modern to use in your backyard, a Hamptons fence is definitely the way to go.

Best of all, PVC is extremely durable, built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Unlike other materials, PVC is made for the outdoors. It doesn’t absorb moisture so it won’t rot, peel or blister in the summer sun. It also contains UV inhibitors which keep it safe from sun and light damage. For a white picket fence that won’t degrade like normal white pickets, choose PVC fencing.

HamptonS Fence And Gate

Forget about the painting!

Have you ever spent a weekend (or longer) painting a picket or paling fence by hand? It’s an unforgiving task and not one you’d be keen to repeat in a hurry. Pickets are especially difficult, trying to get the brush in between the pickets so you don’t miss any spots. Well, if you hate painting, PVC fencing is the obvious solution.

Our PVC fencing is built for the outdoors, so it won’t rust or tarnish in the weather. That means you’ll keep your crisp, white fence for years to come, and you’ll never need to feel the aches, pains, and frustration of spending days with a paintbrush in hand.


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