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The Perfect White Picket Fence

PVC Fencing Warehouse’s picket fences are a great addition to your home or property if you are looking for a PVC picket fence in Australia.

PVC picket fences have proven to be a stronger yet lighter variant of Privacy Fences. In these picket fence styles, the columns of PVC are placed at equal distances and held against a common resting piece. This arrangement serves the dual purpose of giving partial visibility to the property owner while still maintaining privacy.  

PVC picket fences of this style look great in homes residentially, as well as providing style and function to rural properties throughout Australia to keep livestock contained.

With benchmark standard thickness and a 30-year guarantee, this PVC picket fencing is a great option for those looking for a better alternative to traditional wooden fencing. 

Available in 1.0M and 1.2M Height Ranges

Our PVC fences come in standard height sizes of 1m & 1.2m. But as all our fencing is made locally in Queensland, we can customise a range to suit your needs.

Our picket fence is a modern take on a timeless fence style. It’s the fence of your dreams without ongoing maintenance, painting and sanding and you can guarantee that your new PVC picket fence will look great every day for years to come.

Along with supply, we also offer installation. Contact our team today to chat about the best fence option for you! 

Customise your Picket Fence with a Post Cap

Get your choice of Post Cap to match the styling of your home.

Whether you are after a flat rectangular design or a scalloped look, we offer a few different styles to suit your needs;

  • England Cap
  • Gothic Cap
  • Flat Cap

Want to mix it up? The PVC Fencing Warehouse provides the option to add Post Caps in multiple variants. That way you can have feature pickets alongside regular pailings.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements. 

Matching Swing Gates

Standard Size gates available are 1m (pedestrian), 1.2m and 1.5m driveway gates.  Other sizes can be custom made to order.

PVC Fencing Warehouse also supplies matching swing and sliding gates for your PVC picket fence.

If you are on a tight budget, a PVC sliding gate is a more cost-effective option. Although, it is important to consider the space restrictions when purchasing a swing gate. If you are limited space-wise 
(e.g. gates swinging outwards/inwards might hit something) then a sliding gate may be a better option.

Our swing gates are available in two variants – single and double swing gates, of which both come ready for installation. The standard sizes are 1 m for pedestrians and 1.5 m for a driveway, but we also offer custom sizes upon request.

Matching Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are often used when there isn’t enough room for swing gates.

While slightly more expensive than a swing gate, sliding gates are generally better if you have limited space, live in a windy area or if there is a steep slope to where your gate is situated.

Generally, when compared to swing gates, you’ll need to pay more to own and install a sliding gate. These gates may also require the installation of a track for the gate to slide along. 

If you aren’t sure which gate will be suit your property then give our team a call today! 

Gate Specifications

Fence StyleSpear Top PicketTop rail Height89mm x 50mm
Actual panel height120 cmBottom Rail152mm x 50mm
Actual Panel width239 cmPickets per panel22
Picket Size38mm x 38mmWeight of 1 panel15.47kg
Aluminium Insert in bottom railYesPost size100mm x 100mm

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