The Traditional Picket Fences from PVC Fencing Warehouse’s trusted catalog is a product that has the maximum number of seekers. Supporting a conventional design but built with new material, these picket fences are the perfect combination of eras, old and new.

These traditional front fences act as a strong barrier against any trespassers or wild animals attempting to jump inside. This is due to the fact that the columns in the fence are pointed and sharp tapered from the top. Carrying a solid height of 1.2 m, the fences help to ensure that the children in the property are safe inside the perimeter from the potential threats outside. With the aim of offering the best PVC fencing in Australia.

We also offer the option to add a Post Cap available in three different designs for you to choose from


modular front fence

Traditional Picket top fence is a timeless classic.  Keeping your cottage home or modern equivalent looking great for years to come.  Guaranteed to be paint-free and looking great for years to come. Choice of Post Cap to match your style or house

traditional picket fence


Swing Gates

Standard Size gate available are 1m (pedestrain), 1.2m and 1.5m driveway gates.  Other sizes are made to order and some may even be in stock.

PVC Fencing Warehouse gives a variety of options to choose from three different sizes of swing gates. The stock sizes are 1 m (for pedestrians), 1.2 m, and 1.5 m (for vehicles in driveways). They support the traditional picket fencing style, beneficial in making the gates lighter in weight but improving their overall strength at the same time.

Swing gates are very useful to install in properties as they act both as fences and as gates, serving a dual purpose. The available options for swing gates are single swing gates and double swing gates, both of which are customisable in size as per the user’s requirements and dimensions of the path intended. The strength and durability are ensured in our best privacy fence and picket fence products.

Fence Style
Traditional Picket
Top rail
89mm x 50mm
Actual panel height
120 cm
Bottom Rail
89mm x 50mm
Actual Panel width
239 cm
Pickets per panel
Picket Size
76mm x 22mm
Weight of 1 panel
Aluminium Insert in bottom rail
Post size
100mm x 100mm


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