The PVC Warehouse offers wholesale PVC fences that are Australian-made and of the highest quality.  Our wholesale PVC fence materials are built to endure the tough Australian climate. 

All of our PVC fence products, including our residential fencing and country fencing designs, are available for delivery across Queensland. 
If you’re searching for wholesale PVC fences around Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast, we can help you find the type of PVC fencing that best suits your demands and budget.

Four styles to choose from

In our wholesale range of PVC fencing, there are four different styles to choose from.

Full Privacy: If you want a solid wall in beautiful white, the full privacy range of wholesale PVC fencing offers complete coverage, but you still get the stunning visual of slats, rather than a flat, unappealing wall.

Semi-Private: If you still want some privacy from the street, but you want pickets instead of slats, the semi-privacy range is perfect. These look fantastic at the front of the home, but equally good around other boundaries and even in outdoor entertaining areas.

Hamptons Style: This design is exactly as the name suggests, and it’s an extremely cost-effective way to secure your boundaries while giving you the luxe look of a wealthy Hamptons-style residence! 

Traditional Fence: Our collection of vertical paling PVC fencing comes in a few different styles, allowing you to choose the style that suits you best. Add a bit of flair to your front garden!

Adjustable height

When you look at a lot of fences in Queensland, you’ll notice that they’re all the same height. That’s because timber fencing has general height standards and people don’t often veer away from those. Well, with PVC fencing, you can adjust the height to suit your needs.

Our range comes in various sizes, so you can adjust the height and width of your panels easily. So, if you want some extra privacy from the neighbours or you want something a little smaller for feature areas of the backyard, you can make it happen with a wholesale PVC fence.

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